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If you are looking for a new idea to share with your friends or community, you’ve come to the right place. A subject for a casual conversation and a theme for a serious discussion can be found among the latest quotes. 



Dreams have meaning because they collect our daily impressions in their treasure chest and combine them with secret desires stacked on top of symbolic visions that seem incomprehensible to the untrained observer. There are a lot of theories about this world of the unconscious. It is hard to decide what to believe in, but one thing seems truer than anything to me: babies’ interact with angels. The way they smile in their sleep reveals the delight from their shared amusements. Babies and angels are alike in their innocence.

Olya Amanova



Children judge everything and everybody using only one measure, and that measure is love. Their world begins with the emotions of the ones around them. Whatever fills their surroundings creates their perception of the world. They are looking for love and cannot have enough of that feeling. They become hungry for more, not willing to share. It takes quite a while for them to get used to any intrusions.

Olya Amanova



Happiness is a bead on the necklace of life. We want as many of those little moments or beads as possible. Every part of our life has its own thorns. Nothing is perfect and everlasting happiness is a utopia.  A whole picture is composed of little moments. When you look for an answer, you’ll find it. When you knock at a closed door, it will open eventually. If not this one, certainly the next one. Be persistent in trying to make your dreams come true.

Olya Amanova



Be careful of what you DO NOT wish to happen. Stop concentrating on negativity in your life as it only multiplies everything you want to get rid of. We don’t have enough power to change the outside world completely (though there is a possibility of changing some of it.)  The combination of millions of energies guides it. But we are in control of what is going on inside of ourselves. We can and should manage our thoughts.

Olya Amanova



You do have wings in the form of a craving to spread your hands and to embrace your loved one. It is the hand that types a credit card number into a form on a philanthropic website. Simply cooking for someone, letting a friend pour out her soul on the phone, and picking up your loved one’s favorite flowers give you wings. Wings are everywhere. So you can fly.

Olya Amanova



Throughout my pregnancy I was day-dreaming about the sensation of my baby on my chest right after birth. I longed for that moment, sure it would be the happiest point of my entire life. The physical pain wasn’t overwhelming at all - merely an insignificant price I paid for the greatest gift that I could’ve dreamed of. I see so much beauty in this loving pain. My whole body ached from the strong desire of my inner mother to be united with my baby in an alternate dimension. For nine months this tiny person was safe inside of me. We were both scared of the changes to come, and I needed HIM to soothe me; and he desperately needed the soft, warm and calming ME in order to feel protected and loved! 

Olya Amanova



Every flower, every tree, every rock, and, of course, every person has its dharma. A bee works hard, collects honey that has thousands of discovered and millions of yet undiscovered healing qualities. Chamomile serves as a treatment to prevent fever, inflammation, and to soothe tense nerves. Even a fly has its purpose. And every one of us has a designated path. A person who pursues his dharma is blessed. So much loving energy emanates from that human being. Put yourself first on your priority list. If you give yourself more, you’ll have more to share.

Olya Amanova



The ability to see the magnificent work of creation around us is a gift we won’t ever be able to repay. Reading The Book of Nature is essential for establishing everlasting peace with yourself. We don’t need to learn how to speak this language as every one of us is a genius in it. For a short moment stop the speeding cycle of your life and listen. The answer is here.

Olya Amanova



Tremendous healing began when I accepted this life lesson and was grateful for it.  I felt harmony inside. I felt the Presence close beside me, rejuvenating and powerful. I changed the way I saw the world and myself. My story has a happy ending. Many others struggle every day to maintain inner and outer peace in order to cope with all the hardships that life throws at them. The price you pay is enormous and it is hard to accept, but when you do, everything starts to fall into place. The gloomy day transforms into refreshing rain with a rainbow high in the sky. The leafless trees shake their branches in unison with the song that plays in your heart, and you can see the beauty around you. It won’t happen overnight. Work your way towards the love within you. I know it is there.

Olya Amanova



When dollars flow to the pocket the desire to make an impact grows too. So, the formula is simple. Success + money = happiness and a yearning to make others happier in some way. 
Entrepreneurial mind is defined not only by owning a business. Being entrepreneurial means to believe in your future, to be passionate about your work, and to be contagiously energetic, so that your bliss radiates the space and people around you. 
When the cause is to serve others, the boats are on the shore and ready to pick you up and open new uncharted lands of business ideas. 

Olya Amanova



Never carry any offence in your heart.  It burdens only you. Anything in the past is an investment. Bring only positive energy to your present and future. As a bird, that changes the fluffy outfit of a new member of the brood you will enjoy new feathers and the ability to fly. Fly high in the dream sky of your renewed life without destructive feelings towards anything or anybody.

Olya Amanova



Love is not composed of words. We listen with our ears when we are young and naïve, and with our hearts when life teaches us the wisdom of humanity.

Olya Amanova



Learning to love your child doesn’t happen overnight. The feeling grows inside of you for nine months and continues to develop every day after the miracle of birth. That very day your love skyrockets and breaks all possible barriers. This path determines your mother-child relationship and your understanding of courage and unconditional love. 

Olya Amanova



Who is your best friend? Who is always there when you are in need? Who will sacrifice everything for your well-being? Whom do you trust with your eyes closed? Who doesn’t expect anything in return? This person is so benevolent, caring and loving. It seems obvious to put him first, say only kind words, and send loving smiles. This person is YOU.

Olya Amanova



True bravery is not directing your eyes free of tears and self-pity to the mirror every day where you might see features disfigured by disease. True spirit comes when you can be happy through enormous, intolerable pain and grateful for that GIFT OF SUFFERING.

Olya Amanova



We won't have another day, another opportunity, and another feeling like that. This very moment is exceptional. The way we think and act is thanks to all the different textured and colored pieces that compose the patchwork quilt of our lives. I choose to love this moment, my past, and my future. I decide to be fully aware of my existence and the impact I have on the people around me: the thoughts I share, the energy I bring, and the power I create.

Olya Amanova



How do you say “no” to a child who wants to play with rainwater collected in a vessel beneath a drainpipe? He is not going to listen to your reasoning, anticipating the pleasant cool touch of drop of water on his skin, the easy soft sound of splashing and the rainbow of lights playing in those tiny diamond beads falling to the ground. And it doesn’t matter that you already changed his clothes twice…

Olya Amanova



The one who claims to have a free conscience is either a liar or an emotionally blind person. We make mistakes, own them, and pay for them. The price varies: humiliation, lost time, an indefinite amount of tears, or a loved one that drifts farther and farther away. 

 We often need some help from outside to see the flaws inside: The Truth -- music that never loses its allure and beauty. SHE (let it be SHE) knows how to love and how to punish. She is a caring friend and a strict teacher. It is good when you know how to welcome Her and always keep your door ajar, in case SHE has some news to share. It is good, if you can recognize HER, as SHE is a genius at disguises - a mother that points out your first wrongdoing; your soulmate, your conscience and -- a real friend.

Olya Amanova



My mother used to tell me, that there are two people to whom I can open my soul and never be afraid of judgment and backstabbing. Guess who they are: my mother and my pillow. A sad choice, isn't it? Don’t get me wrong, I am lucky to have my best friend and my mother united in one body. And to have another always ready to listen to my heart-felt revelations every time I recline my head is great. But the forever existing social calling drives me on to search for a sincere, open, and TRUE, relationship that is free of jealousy in any form.

Olya Amanova



Kids go to school, school bags and school buses everywhere. This image follows us every day. We’ve watched that curious TV show about some hard to pronounce place where people do not know how to read, are not able to go to school because there is no such place, or they are unable to due to poverty and the need to start working as soon as they are able to walk. It seems so distant and almost not real, not touching our lives.

But this is self-deception. It is US!

Think about it in a COSMIC WAY: Some civilization looks at us from their more-developed-far-away planet and goes “Pfuuuh! This population is not educated. What a shame! Better not waste our time on it, there is nothing we can learn from these beings.”

Silent universe! No wonder!

Olya Amanova

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